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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Well, I guess having four other blogs was not enough for me.  I'm starting this new blog to discuss my interest in politics.  I don't expect it to be particularly popular.  This is mostly an outlet for me to rant about things without annoying all of my Facebook friends.

My intention with this blog is to analyze the elections, now that the 2016 Presidential elections are getting underway.  I will likely opine on policy issues and other matters as they come to me.

For anyone interested in my background, I was a Political Science major at George Washington University, and a graduate of University of Michigan Law School.  I am a Truman Scholar, have work for the Federal Election Commission, worked briefly for then Congressman Tom Carper and then Senator Joe Biden.  I went on to work at the Center for Individual Rights, working on several important cases involving issues of Constitutional law. I also volunteered on more than a dozen political campaigns for various Congressional, Senate, and Presidential campaigns.

Since moving out of Washington more than 15 years ago, I have largely left my political activity behind me.  My actual involvement in politics these days is mostly limited to voting.  However, I still like to analyze the events and bloviate about it, hence the title of this Blog: The Arm Chair Politician. Much like an arm chair quarterback, I like to talk about the game without actually participating.

If you find it interesting, great!  If not, I'll understand if you move along.

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