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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DC Ends the Primary Season

DC held the final primary of the season yesterday, just days after Pittsburgh won the Stanley cup in hockey.  I mention that only because people pay even less attention to primaries this late in the season as they do to hockey in June.

Only the Democrats held a contest yesterday, since the DC Republicans picked their delegates months ago.  Hillary won nearly 80% of the vote.  This means little since she is already the presumptive nominee with a majority of delegates.  Still, she picked up another 16 delegates, while Sanders won another 4.

DC also has 26 superdelegates, 22 of whom are top officers of the DNC.

Sanders continues his campaign, presumably seeking to get concessions at the Convention in exchange for his endorsement.  The two candidates held a private meeting in DC last night for about 90 minutes.  No word on what was discussed,

With that, you would think the primary season is officially over.  But of course, nothing is ever really over.  Next Saturday is the Iowa State Convention, where delegates are chosen to attend the national convention next month.  The State Convention is the culmination of the process Iowa began back on Feb. 1 with its precinct caucuses.  There will also be State conventions in Idaho, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Texas.

With the season now over, Clinton has 2219 pledged delegates to Sanders' 1832.  With superdelegates who have promised support, Clinton has 2800 delegates to Sanders' 1881.  Only 2383 is needed for a majority at the Convention.

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