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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kasich Quits

As the last man standing John Kasich has finally decided to suspend his campaign for President. Kasich kept hoping that voters would tire of Trump and Cruz, and that as the last man standing he might somehow snatch the nomination.

The polls, however, show no hope of any such thing happening.  With fewer delegates than former candidates Cruz and Rubio, the joke going around was that Kasich was running fourth in a two person race.

With Cruz's withdraw the day before some retained hope that the anti-trump focus would turn to Kasich finally.  Trump, however, has been polling above 50% even with two opponents.  This meant that Kasich was likely to face one humiliating defeat after another in the remaining contests.

With Kasich's withdraw, the Republican party has finally accepted that Donald Trump will be the party's nominee.  Trump now must unit a fractured Republican party and convince the establishment that he will not tank himself along with the congressional candidates in November.  It will be one of the more interesting general election pivots if he can pull of such a feat.

One expects Trump will not focus on himself and his own agenda, but rather on Hillary Clinton and attacking her.  Trump's strongest card at this point is Clinton's negative polling numbers.  Similarly, Clinton is likely to go negative on Trump early and often.  Expect a highly bitter and negative general election.

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